Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Happy March 2nd !!!!
Yesterday was another day of snow. I sure enjoyed watching it as it fell, but found myself still looking for that warm sunshine of spring. I keep telling myself it is right around the corner and enjoy the moisture we are receiving.
Today I find myself, back in search for those postcards I earlier had blogged about. I finally got the pictures to show you and hopefully someone can help me find the rest of the set or point me in the direction to find out some history on them. I am intrigued by the two I have and would love to see the others. If you know anything about them, please leave me a comment.

"The Baby Moses"

"Joseph Hunting His Brother"

Both of these cards of from a set of sixteen which is stated in the lower right corner.

I would love to find the other 14.
Neither of these postcards have been used and dated 1909.
I hope someone can help me learn more about their history and where I could find the other 14.

Have a Blessed Day,


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