Monday, March 15, 2010

Jewel of a Stool

The Luck of the Irish isn't only for the Irish, or at least that is what I told myself when I found this little jewel of a stool. Of course it is green for now, but that could change. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do with her . I just knew when I saw her I had to have her.

She would make a cute little stool for a child, if I had a small one still at home. I could see her washed in white and a precious name painted on top. I could see a plant sitting on top of her or adding height to a table top centerpiece for Easter.

I would LOVE to hear your ideas of how you think I should use this lucky little find.

Have you heard? Thrifty Treasures is back at "Southern Hospitality"

If you haven't been to Rhoda's blog, you need to check it out. Rhoda has been a true inspiration to me. I always feel uplifted and motivated after I visit her blog and always leave with a smile.

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  1. What a stinkin cute little stool! Sooooo many ways to use her...put a plant on her...sit her on a chest or dresser for displaying using some height...put beside a guest bed so it can help your guests get into bed with ease. Hope you have a FUN time playing around with her:)


  2. Cute stool!! I have an old one from our church that is orangy-red--It looks great atop my kitchen cabinets with some antique jars and tins set on it! Have fun!

  3. Thank you Ladies for the ideas.. I will post her again when she finds her home.

  4. So cute and I love the green color.


  5. It is so cute. I love it! So many ways to use it! And it could be any color for any season! Be blessed. Cindy

  6. very cute if it was sitting by a chair, somewhere to put your drink or remotes. or maybe by the bathtub to hold towels??